Characterisation of a new stripe rust resistance gene Yr47 and its genetic association with the leaf rust resistance gene Lr52 Academic Article uri icon


  • Two Iranian common wheat landraces AUS28183 and AUS28187 from the Watkins collection showed high levels of seedling resistance against Australian pathotypes of leaf rust and stripe rust pathogens. Chi-squared analyses of rust response segregation among F(3) populations derived from crosses of AUS28183 and AUS28187 with a susceptible genotype AUS27229 revealed monogenic inheritance of leaf rust and stripe rust resistance. As both genotypes produced similar leaf rust and stripe rust infection types, they were assumed to carry the same genes. The genes were temporarily named as LrW1 and YrW1. Molecular mapping placed LrW1 and YrW1 in the short arm of chromosome 5B, about 10 and 15 cM proximal to the SSR marker gwm234, respectively, and the marker cfb309 mapped 8-12 cM proximal to YrW1. LrW1 mapped 3-6 cM distal to YrW1 in two F(3) populations. AUS28183 corresponded to the accession V336 of the Watkins collection which was the original source of Lr52. Based on the genomic location and accession records, LrW1 was concluded to be Lr52. Because no other seedling stripe rust resistance gene has previously been mapped in chromosome 5BS, YrW1 was permanently named as Yr47. A combination of flanking markers gwm234 and cfb309 with phenotypic assays could be used to ascertain the presence of Lr52 and Yr47 in segregating populations. This investigation characterised a valuable source of dual leaf rust and stripe rust resistance for deployment in new wheat cultivars. Transfer of Lr52 and Yr47 into current Australian wheat backgrounds is in progress.


  • Bansal, UK
  • Forrest, KL
  • Hayden, MJ
  • Miah, H
  • Singh, D
  • Bariana, HS

publication date

  • May 2011