Acral Peeling Skin Syndrome: Report of Two Cases Academic Article uri icon


  • Peeling skin syndrome is a rare dermatosis characterized by spontaneous and painless peeling of the skin. The authors report two patients with history of spontaneous, asymptomatic, and noninflammatory peeling skin of the acral surfaces after soaking in water. On light microscopy, blisters were located in the mid layers of the stratum corneum, above the granular layer. Ultrastructural examination revealed increased intercellular lipids and abnormal, "moth-eaten," keratohyalin granules, but the authors were unable to determine whether the separation initiated within the horny cells or between adjacent cells. These patients represented a localized variant of peeling skin syndrome.


  • Martinez-Gonzalez, Miguel
  • García García, Elena
  • Granados Carreño, Rosario
  • Martínez-González, Miguel A
  • Jiménez Reyes, José

publication date

  • January 2005