Implication of coronin 7 in body weight regulation in humans, mice and flies Academic Article uri icon


  • Obesity is a growing global concern with strong associations with cardiovascular disease, cancer and type-2 diabetes. Although various genome-wide association studies have identified more than 40 genes associated with obesity, these genes cannot fully explain the heritability of obesity, suggesting there may be other contributing factors, including epigenetic effects.We performed genome wide DNA methylation profiling comparing normal-weight and obese 9-13 year old children to investigate possible epigenetic changes correlated with obesity. Of note, obese children had significantly lower methylation levels at a CpG site located near coronin 7 (CORO7), which encodes a tryptophan-aspartic acid dipeptide (WD)-repeat containing protein most likely involved in Golgi complex morphology and function. Anatomical profiling of coronin 7 (Coro7) mRNA expression in mice revealed that it is highly expressed in appetite and energy balance regulating regions, including the hypothalamus, striatum and locus coeruleus, the main noradrenergic brain site. Interestingly, we found that food deprivation in mice downregulates hypothalamic Coro7 mRNA levels, and injecting ethanol, an appetite stimulant, increased the number of Coro7 expressing cells in the locus coeruleus. Finally, by employing the genetically-tractable Drosophila melanogaster model we were able to demonstrate an evolutionarily conserved metabolic function for the CORO7 homologue pod1. Knocking down the pod1 in the Drosophila adult nervous system increased their resistance to starvation. Furthermore, feeding flies a high-calorie diet significantly increased pod1 expression.We conclude that coronin 7 is involved in the regulation of energy homeostasis and this role stems, to some degree, from the effect on feeding for calories and reward.


  • Eriksson, Anders
  • Williams, Michael J
  • Voisin, Sarah
  • Hansson, Ida
  • Krishnan, Arunkumar
  • Philippot, Gaetan
  • Yamskova, Olga
  • Herisson, Florence M
  • Dnyansagar, Rohit
  • Moschonis, George
  • Manios, Yannis
  • Chrousos, George P
  • Olszewski, Pawel K
  • Frediksson, Robert
  • Schiöth, Helgi B

publication date

  • 2015