Regulation of genome-wide DNA methylation by mobile small RNAs Academic Article uri icon


  • Contents Summary 540 I. Introduction 540 II. There are different types of sRNA mobility 541 III. Mechanisms of sRNA movement 541 IV. Long-distance, shoot-root, mobile siRNAs influence DNA methylation in recipient tissues 541 V. Classes of interactions between shoot-root mobile siRNAs and DNA methylation 542 VI. Loci targeted directly and indirectly by shoot-root mobile siRNAs are associated with different histone modifications 543 VII. Is mobile siRNA-regulated DNA methylation important in specific tissues or under specific conditions? 543 VIII. Mobile sRNAs can be used to modify plant traits 544 IX. Conclusions 544 Acknowledgements 544 References 544 SUMMARY: RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM) at cytosine residues regulates gene expression, silences transposable elements and influences genome stability. The mechanisms responsible for RdDM are guided to target loci by small RNAs (sRNAs) that can move within plants cell to cell and long distance. Here we discuss recent advances in the understanding of interactions between mobile sRNAs and DNA methylation. We describe the mechanisms of sRNA movement, the differences between known classes of mobile sRNA-DNA methylation interactions and the limits of current knowledge. Finally, we discuss potential applications of mobile sRNAs in modifying plant traits.

publication date

  • 2018