Prosthetics, Orthotics and Spiritual Care: A Literature Scoping Review Report uri icon


  • Purpose: This project sought to consider the literature regarding a holistic-care approach in rehabilitation, with a particular focus on the use of spiritual care in prosthetic and orthotics. Method: A basic scoping review was conducted with the objective to identify literature and other research related to the topic of prosthetics, orthotics and spiritual care. Results: A total of 694 articles were found relating to the topic. There was found to be a limited range of articles focusing predominantly on prosthetic, orthotics and spiritual care. Fifteen (n=15) papers were considered relevant to the topic which all commonly focused on the client’s experience and overall quality of life. However, a gap in research relating to holistic care, spirituality and religion/beliefs was found. Conclusion: There was minimal literature specifically relating to prosthetic, orthotics and spiritual care. The main themes found within identified articles related to individuals using a prosthetic, orthotic or loss of limb and the broad aspect of holistic care. While there is evidence found within the literature that individuals with a prosthetic or orthotic experienced holistic care, there is a gap within this care as spirituality was often overlooked or excluded. It is recommended that future research is warranted and all key aspects of holistic care — including spirituality — need to be considered to holistically assess the needs of prosthetic and orthotic patients.

publication date

  • 2017