An innovative Multi-disciplinary Diabetes Complications Screening Program in a Rural Community: A Description and Preliminary Results of the Screening Academic Article uri icon


  • This paper describes an innovative multi-disciplinary pilot project for people living in rural north-east Victoria and southern New South Wales that focused on screening for diabetes complications. Participants enrolled for the diabetes screening through media announcements. A total of 91 participants were screened, 14 with diabetes. Screening tests included 12-lead ECG, ankle-brachial index, monofilament sensitivity, retinal photography as well as blood biochemistry. Twenty-six participants were referred to their general practitioners with cardiovascular anomalies, eight had retinal vasculature changes indicating diabetes, and 26 had foot problems that warranted podiatric assessment. This project illustrates that a university-based screening clinic is feasible, can be operated in conjunction with major research projects and results in significant community benefit. Serious health issues were identified in 31% of the study population. Without involvement in the screening, these people?s medical conditions may have otherwise remained hidden, potentially leading to significant health problems.

publication date

  • 2006