Microencapsulated krill and tuna oil blend raises plasma long-chain n -3 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels compared to tuna oil with similar increases in ileal contractility in rats Academic Article uri icon


  • Long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC n-3 PUFA) may be more bioavailable from krill oil compared to fish oil due to their phospholipid structure. We tested whether a microencapsulated krill and tuna oil blend (ME-TOKO) provided greater LC n-3 PUFA bioavailability, improved blood lipid profiles and increased intestinal contractility compared to microencapsulated tuna oil (ME-TO). Rats were divided into three groups to receive isocaloric diets containing ME-TO, ME-TOKO and microencapsulated olive oil (ME-OO) at 0.3 or 2 g/100 g for 4 weeks. Final body and organ weights, feed intake and waste output were similar. ME-TOKO rats had higher plasma total LC n-3 PUFA levels compared to ME-TO, but liver LC n-3 PUFA levels and plasma triglyceride and cholesterol levels were similar in non-fasted rats. Diets containing 2% ME-TO and ME-TOKO also showed similar increases in ileal contractility. In summary, ME-TO bioavailability of LC n-3 PUFA was similar to ME-TOKO.


  • Patten, Glen S
  • Sanguansri, Luz
  • Augustin, Mary Ann
  • Abeywardena, Mahinda Y
  • Bird, Anthony R
  • Patch, Craig S
  • Belobrajdic, Damien P

publication date

  • 2017