Tunable Porous Coordination Polymers for the Capture, Recovery and Storage of Inhalation Anesthetics Academic Article uri icon


  • The uptake of inhalation anesthetics by three topologically identical frameworks is described. The 3D network materials, which possess square channels of different dimensions, are formed from the relatively simple combination of ZnII centres and dianionic ligands that contain a phenolate and a carboxylate group at opposite ends. All three framework materials are able to adsorb N2 O, Xe and isoflurane. Whereas the framework with the widest channels is able to adsorb large quantities of the various guests from the gas phase, the frameworks with the narrower channels have superior binding enthalpies and exhibit higher levels of retention. The use of ligands in which substituents are bound to the aromatic rings of the bridging ligands offers great scope for tuning the adsorption properties of the framework materials.


  • Abrahams, Brendan F
  • Dharma, A David
  • Donnelly, Paul S
  • Hudson, Timothy A
  • Kepert, Cameron J
  • Robson, Richard
  • Southon, Peter D
  • White, Keith F

publication date

  • 2017