Structure and Distribution of N-Glycans on the S7-Allele Stylar Self-Incompatibility Ribonuclease of Nicotiana alata Academic Article uri icon


  • S-RNases are the stylar products of the self-incompatibility (S)-locus in solanaceous plants (including Nicotiana alata), and as such, are involved in the prevention of self-pollination. All cDNA sequences of S-RNase products of functional S-alleles contain potential N-glycosylation sites, with one site being conserved in all cases, suggesting that N-glycosylation is important in self-incompatibility. In this study, we report on the structure and localization of the N-glycans on the S7-allele RNase of N. alata. A total of nine N-glycans, belonging to the high-mannose- and xylosylated hybrid-classes, were identified and characterized by a combination of electrospray-ionization mass-spectrometry (ESI-MS), 1H-NMR spectroscopy, and methylation analyses. The glycosylation pattern of individual glycosylation sites was determined by ESI-MS of the glycans released from isolated chymotryptic glycopeptides. All three N-glycosylation sites showed microheterogeneity and each had a unique complement of N-glycans. The N-glycosylation pattern of the S7-RNase is significantly different to those of the S1- and S2-RNases.


publication date

  • May 1, 1998