Optically pure, structural, and fluorescent analogues of a dimeric Y 4 receptor agonist derived by an olefin metathesis approach Academic Article uri icon


  • The dimeric peptide 1 (BVD-74D, as a diastereomeric mixture) is a potent and selective neuropeptide Y Y4 receptor agonist. It represents a valuable candidate in developing traceable ligands for pharmacological studies of Y4 receptors and as a lead compound for antiobesity drugs. Its optically pure stereoisomers along with analogues and fluorescently labeled variants were prepared by exploiting alkene metathesis reactions. The (2R,7R)-diaminosuberoyl containing peptide, (R,R)-1, had markedly higher affinity and agonist efficacy than its (S,S)-counterpart. Furthermore, the sulfo-Cy5 labeled (R,R)-14 retained high agonist potency as a novel fluorescent ligand for imaging Y4 receptors.


  • Liu, Mengjie
  • Mountford, Simon J
  • Richardson, Rachel R
  • Groenen, Marleen
  • Holliday, Nicholas D
  • Thompson, Philip E

publication date

  • 2016