Immunolabeling of CD3-Positive Lymphocytes with a Recombinant Single-Chain Antibody/Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugate Academic Article uri icon


  • G3(3) is a novel murine monoclonal antibody directed against the CD3 antigen of human T lymphocytes which could be used to analyze lymphoid malignancies. We have produced and characterized a recombinant colorimetric immunoconjugate with the antigen-binding specificity of antibody G3(3). A gene encoding a single-chain antibody variable fragment (scFv) was assembled using the original hybridoma cells as a source of antibody variable heavy (VH) and variable light (VL) chain genes. The chimeric gene was introduced into a prokaryotic expression vector in order to produce a soluble scFv fused to bacterial alkaline phosphatase. DNA sequencing and Western blotting analyses demonstrated the integrity of the soluble immunoconjugate recovered from induced recombinant bacteria. The scFv/AP protein was bifunctional and similar in immunoreactivity to the parent G3(3) antibody. Flow cytometry and immunostaining experiments confirmed that the activity of the scFv/AP protein compares favourably with that of the parent antibody. The scFv/AP conjugate was bound to CD3 antigen at the surface of T cells and was directly detected by its enzymatic activity. Thus this novel fusion protein has potential applications as an immunodiagnostic reagent.


  • Bourin, Philippe
  • Servat, Alexandre
  • Lataillade, Jean-Jacques
  • Goyffon, Max
  • Vaux, David
  • Billiald, Philippe

publication date

  • January 15, 2000

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