Assignment of the Chromogranin A (Chga) Locus to Homologous Regions on Mouse Chromosome 12 and Rat Chromosome 6 Academic Article uri icon


  • Chromogranin A is an acidic protein, stored and released with catecholamines, and is overexpressed in genetic hypertension. In the human genome, its locus has previously been positioned on the long arm of Chromosome 14 in the 14q32 region. As a first step toward evaluating its potential linkage with hereditary hypertension, we determined its chromosomal position in mouse and rat. Chromogranin A was present as a single-copy gene in both mouse and rat. Analysis of the allele distribution in an interspecific mouse backcross by single-strand conformation polymorphism positioned the chromogranin A locus on Chromosome 12, between Igh-C and D12Pas1. Evaluation of a rat/mouse somatic cell hybrid panel indicated that chromogranin A is on rat Chromosome 6. In each case (mouse, rat, and human), chromogranin A is in a conserved region with nearby markers including the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus.


  • Simon-Chazottes, Dominique
  • Wu, Hongjiang
  • Parmer, Robert J
  • Rozansky, David J
  • Szpirer, Josiane
  • Levan, Goran
  • Kurtz, Theodore W
  • Szpirer, Claude
  • Guenet, Jean Louis
  • O'Connor, Daniel T

publication date

  • July 1993