Regulation of cell wall genes in response to DEFECTIVE KERNEL1 (DEK1)-induced cell wall changes Academic Article uri icon


  • Defective Kernel1 (DEK1) is a plant-specific calpain involved in epidermis specification and maintenance. DEK1 regulation of the epidermal cell wall is proposed to be key to ensure tissue integrity and coordinated growth. Changes in the expression of DEK1 are correlated with changes in the expression of cell wall-related genes. For example, we have found that Lipid transfer protein 3 (LTP3), EXPANSIN 11 (EXP11), and an AP2 transcription factor (AP2TF) are misexpressed in plants with constitutively altered levels of DEK1 activity. RT-qPCR studies show that LTP3 and AP2TF may respond to a DEK1-generated signal whereas EXP11 is not altered immediately after dexamethasone induction of CALPAIN suggesting it is not in the direct signaling pathway downstream of DEK1. Our data suggest these genes are regulated by a feedback mechanism in response to DEK1-induced changes in the cell wall, and contribute to the phenotypes seen in plants with altered DEK1 expression.

publication date

  • August 3, 2017