Composition of the cell walls of Nicotiana alata Link et Otto pollen tubes Academic Article uri icon


  • Cell walls isolated from pollen of Nicotiana alata germinated in vitro contain glucose and arabinose as the predominant monosaccharides. Methylation analysis and cytochemical studies are consistent with the major polysaccharides being a (1→3)-β-D-glucan (callose) and an arabinan together with small amounts of cellulose. The cell walls contain 2.8% uronic acids. Alcian blue stains the pollen-tube walls intensely at the tip, indicating that acidic polysaccharides are concentrated in the tip. Synthetic aniline-blue fluorochrome is specific primarily for (1→3)-β-D-glucans and stains the pollen-tube walls, except at the tip. Protein (1.5%), containing hydroxyproline (2.4%), is present in the cell wall.


publication date

  • 1985