Anticoagulant properties of a sulfated galactan preparation from a marine green alga, Codium cylindricum Academic Article uri icon


  • An anticoagulant was isolated from a marine green alga, Codium cylindricum. The anticoagulant was composed mainly of galactose with a small amount of glucose, and was highly sulfated (13.1% as SO3Na). The anticoagulant properties of the purified anticoagulant were compared with that of heparin by assays of activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), prothrombin time (PT) and thrombin time (TT) using normal human plasma. The anticoagulant showed similar activities with heparin, however, weaker than heparin. On the other hand, the anticoagulant did not affect PT even at the concentration at which APTT and TT were strongly prolonged. The anticoagulant did not potentiate antithrombin III (AT III) and heparin cofactor II (HC II), thus the anticoagulant mechanism would be different from that of other anticoagulants isolated so far from the genus Codium.


  • Matsubara, Kiminori
  • Matsuura, Yasushi
  • Bacic, Antony
  • Liao, Ming-Long
  • Hori, Kanji
  • Miyazawa, Keisuke

publication date

  • June 2001