Direct detection of cell surface receptors for glycosyl residues on Phytophthora cinnamomi using polysaccharide-coated fluorescent latex beads Academic Article uri icon


  • We have confirmed the presence of a fucose-specific binding protein on the surface of zoospores, cysts and germinated cysts of Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands using a direct binding assay with polysaccharide-coated fluorescent latex beads. The specificity for fucose was established using a range of polysaccharides and proteoglycans. Only maize root slime- and fucoidan-coated beads bound to the surface of zoospores, cysts and germinated cysts. Binding could be blocked with fucose or fucose-containing polysaccharides. In addition, maize root slime-coupled beads which were pre-incubated with the fucose-specific lectin from Ulex europeaus (UEA-1) did not bind to the cell surface of fungal propagules.


publication date

  • November 1990