Identification of a Golgi-localised GRIP domain protein from Arabidopsis thaliana Academic Article uri icon


  • A family of Golgi-localised molecules was recently described in animals and fungi possessing extensive coiled regions and a short (approximately 40 residues) conserved C-terminal domain, called the GRIP domain, which is responsible for their location to this organelle. Using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, we identified a gene (AtGRIP) encoding a putative GRIP protein. We demonstrated that the C-terminal domain from AtGRIP functions as a Golgi-targeting sequence in plant cells. Localisation studies in living cells expressing the AtGRIP fused to a DsRed2 fluorescent probe, showed extensive co-location with the Golgi marker alpha-mannosidase I in transformed tobacco protoplasts. GRIP-like sequences were also found in genomic databases of rice, maize, wheat and alfalfa, suggesting that this domain may be a useful Golgi marker for immunolocalisation studies. Despite low sequence identity amongst GRIP domains, the plant GRIP sequence was able to target to the Golgi of mammalian cells. Taken together, these data indicate that GRIP domain proteins might be implicated in a targeting mechanism that is conserved amongst eukaryotes.


  • Gilson, Paul R
  • Vergara, Claudia E
  • Kjer-Nielsen, Lars
  • Teasdale, Rohan D
  • Bacic, Antony
  • Gleeson, Paul A

publication date

  • October 2004

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