Regioselective acylation of 3-O-angeloylingenol by Candida antarctica Lipase B Academic Article uri icon


  • Acylation of 3-O-angeloylingenol (1) with vinyl acetate, vinyl decanoate and vinyl cinnamate, catalyzed by Candida antarctica Lipase B, was investigated. In each case, compound 1 was quantitatively and regioselectively acylated to afford a single product, 3-O-angeloyl-20-O-acetylingenol (1a), 3-O-angeloyl-20-O-decanoylingenol (1b) and 3-O-angeloyl-20-O-cinnamoylingenol (1c), respectively. The structures of the novel compounds 1b-1c were determined by MS and NMR, and product 1a by comparison of RP-HPLC and TLC with a standard. Compounds 1b-1c induced a bipolar morphology of MM96L melanoma cells at a similar concentration as compound 1, as well as having activity in inhibiting the growth of MM96L melanoma cells.


  • Teng, RW
  • McManus, D
  • Aylward, J
  • Ogbourne, S
  • Johns, J
  • Parsons, P
  • Bacic, A

publication date

  • June 2009