The activated sludge bulking filament Eikelboom morphotype 0914 is a member of the Chloroflexi Academic Article uri icon


  • The filamentous bacterium Eikelboom morphotype type 0914 responsible for bulking in activated sludge plants is identified here for the first time as a member of the phylum Chloroflexi subgroup 1. Two FISH probes, CFX67a and CFX67b, targeting the 16S rRNA sequences of this filament morphotype were designed, validated and used successfully for its in situ identification. A survey of plants in eastern Australia with the CFX67a probe showed it targeted only the type 0914 morphotype that was common especially in long sludge age plants designed to remove phosphorus and nitrogen microbiologically, although being in very low abundance in many samples. Filaments responding to the CFX67b probe also exhibited the type 0914 morphology but were less frequent, although again occurring in similarly configured plants. All these filaments showed an uneven FISH signal suggesting their ribosomes are localized at the ends of their cells. Furthermore, some generated distinctive FISH signals in all biomass samples containing them, where only certain cells within any single trichome fluoresced with probes designed against different target sites. Helper probes for each of these were required before all cells fluoresced above the visual detection limits of FISH.

publication date

  • April 2011