Characterization of neurotensin(6–13) from an hepatic fibrolamellar carcinoma Academic Article uri icon


  • Neurotensin(6-13) has been isolated and sequenced as the major form of neurotensin-like immunoreactivity (NTLI) in a human hepatic fibrolamellar carcinoma. Circulating NTLI in the patient, especially C-terminal, was very high. In additional studies, NT(6-13) was synthesized and compared with the purified tumor NTLI by HPLC analysis and by testing stability in plasma in vitro. These methods confirmed that the tumor NTLI was identical to NT(6-13). Since the metabolic clearance rate of synthetic NT(6-13) in sheep was 30-fold higher than NT(1-13), it suggests that the elevated plasma levels are the result of impaired clearance and/or markedly elevated production.

publication date

  • July 1991