Construct Validity and Interrater Agreement of the Sport Injury Rehabilitation Adherence Scale Academic Article uri icon


  • Context:Adherence to clinic-based rehabilitation might influence outcomes.Objective:To examine the construct validity and interrater agreement of a measure of adherence to clinic-based rehabilitation.Design:Repeated-measures in both study 1 and study 2.Participants:43 student rehabilitation practitioners in study 1 and 12 patients undergoing rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in study 2.Interventions:Participants in study 1 rated the adherence of a simulated videotaped patient exhibiting high, moderate, and low adherence. Two certified athletic trainers rated the adherence of patients at 4 consecutive appointments in study 2.Main Outcome Measure:The Sport Injury Rehabilitation Adherence Scale.Results:In study 1, adherence ratings increased in a linear fashion across the 3 levels of adherence, andrWG(J)and rater-agreement-index values ranging from .84 to .95 were obtained. In study 2, the rater-agreement index was .94.Conclusions:Strong support was found for the construct validity and interrater agreement of the Sport Injury Rehabilitation Adherence Scale.


  • Brewer, Britton W
  • Avondoglio, Joshua B
  • Cornelius, Allen E
  • Van Raalte, Judy L
  • Brickner, John C
  • Petitpas, Albert J
  • Kolt, Gregory S
  • Pizzari, Tania
  • Schoo, Adrian MM
  • Emery, Kelley
  • Hatten, Stephen J

publication date

  • August 2002