Pulsed-field electrophoresis indicates larger-than-expected sizes for mycoplasma genomes Academic Article uri icon


  • The sizes of large DNA fragments produced from genomes of members of the Mycoplasmataceae by digestion with restriction endonucleases having infrequent (1 to 3) cleavage sites within the genome were estimated from their mobility in contour-clamped homogeneous electric field (CHEF) agarose gel electrophoresis by comparison with yeast chromosomal DNA markers. The estimates of total genome size for 7 strains of 6 species ranged from approximately 900 kilo base pairs (kb) for Ureaplasma urealyticum 960T to 1330 kb for M. mycoides subsp. mycoides, GC-1176. The values derived from this new method are considerably higher than those of approximately 500 Mdaltons or 750 kb previously reported for genome sizes in members of the Mycoplasmataceae.


  • Pyle, LE
  • Corcoran, LN
  • Cocks, BG
  • Bergemann, AD
  • Whitley, JC
  • Finch, LR

publication date

  • July 11, 1988