Cross-Talk between Activated Human NK Cells and CD4+ T Cells via OX40-OX40 Ligand Interactions Academic Article uri icon


  • It is important to understand which molecules are relevant for linking innate and adaptive immune cells. In this study, we show that OX40 ligand is selectively induced on IL-2, IL-12, or IL-15-activated human NK cells following stimulation through NKG2D, the low affinity receptor for IgG (CD16) or killer cell Ig-like receptor 2DS2. CD16-activated NK cells costimulate TCR-induced proliferation, and IFN-gamma produced by autologous CD4+ T cells and this process is dependent upon expression of OX40 ligand and B7 by the activated NK cells. These findings suggest a novel and unexpected link between the natural and specific immune responses, providing direct evidence for cross-talk between human CD4+ T cells and NK receptor-activated NK cells.


  • Zingoni, Alessandra
  • Sornasse, Thierry
  • Cocks, Benjamin G
  • Tanaka, Yuetsu
  • Santoni, Angela
  • Lanier, Lewis L

publication date

  • September 15, 2004

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