Physical and emotional experiences of chemotherapy: A qualitative study among women with breast cancer in Southern Thailand Academic Article uri icon


  • Background: Chemotherapy treatment can increase survival rates among women with breast cancer elsewhere. However, it also has negative impact on women’s general appearance, body image and psychological functioning. This study aimed to describe the experiences of chemotherapy treatment among Thai women with breast cancer in rural communities, sounthern Thailand. Methods: Qualitative approach was employed to gain insights about the experiences of the women. In-depth interviewing and drawing methods were conducted with 20 Thai women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thematic method was used to analyse the data. Results: Three themes emerged from the findings: I feel so weak: Lack of physical energy; experiencing physical and emotional burdens and managing health and life. Women were traumatized by effects of chemotherapy and suffered severe physical side effects. Most received inadequate professional support from health care providers and had to rely on their own judgment and use local resources to deal with the effects of their treatment and to improve their health and well-being. Conclusions: Chemotherapy brought about traumatic experiences to Thai women with breast cancer. Continual support is needed for the women to reduce the difficulties they might encounter. Support groups should be established for these women when receiving and completing chemotherapy treatment. Our finding suggested that social support programs that meet their need are salient means that could reduce the sufferings of these women. Nurses and other health care professionals in the local community should play their important role to establish such group and make it accessible for all.

publication date

  • 2018