Human Immunization With a Polymorphic Malaria Vaccine Candidate Induced Antibodies to Conserved Epitopes That Promote Functional Antibodies to Multiple Parasite Strains Academic Article uri icon


  • Human immunization with a polymorphic malaria vaccine candidate, MSP2, induced functional cross-reactive antibodies targeting conserved epitopes. This contrasts with naturally acquired antibodies, which target polymorphic epitopes, mediating immune escape. Findings reveal potential to overcome antigenic diversity for effective malaria vaccines.


  • Feng, Gaoqian
  • Boyle, Michelle J
  • Cross, Nadia
  • Chan, Jo-Anne
  • Reiling, Linda
  • Osier, Faith
  • Stanisic, Danielle I
  • Mueller, Ivo
  • Anders, Robin F
  • McCarthy, James S
  • Richards, Jack S
  • Beeson, James G

publication date

  • 2018