Taxonomic revision of the broombush complex in Western Australia (Myrtaceae, Melaleuca uncinata s.l.) Academic Article uri icon


  • The Western Australian members of the broombush complex, Melaleuca uncinata R.Br., are revised. Eleven species of the complex are recognised, of which seven are newly described: M. atroviridis Craven & Lepschi, M.�exuvia Craven & Lepschi, M.�interioris Craven & Lepschi, M.�osullivanii Craven & Lepschi, M.�scalena Craven & Lepschi, M.�vinnula Craven & Lepschi, M.�zeteticorum Craven & Lepschi. An identification key is provided, and the Western Australian distribution of each species is mapped. The occurrence of hybridisation between members of the complex is reported. The broombush species with which the Western Australian underground orchid, Rhizanthella gardneri Rogers (Orchidaceae), is associated are discussed.

publication date

  • 2004