Integrated Disease Management Programs: Reflections and Learnings from Implementation Academic Article uri icon


  • Integrated Chronic Disease Management (ICDM) is a key focus of recent Victorian Government primary care partnership (PCP) and community health policy direction documents. Planning for a more ICDM approach has been informed by earlier integrated disease management (IDM) projects funded through the PCP Strategy. In 2001, five IDM pilot projects were funded, for three years, under the Department of Human Services (Victoria) IDM Initiative. The IDM projects aimed to inform future planning for chronic disease care by developing models of care that sought a better quality of life, fewer complications for individuals, and reduced overall use of health care resources. The projects trialled different processes and components of IDM to accommodate local priorities, resources and existing care practice with more than 1000 consumers collectively involved. The experience of building community programs targeting consumers with chronic disease resulted in key learnings about IDM and effecting change. Enablers and barriers were identified, and the relationship between best practice and key learnings explored in the areas of partnerships, service coordination and consumer engagement, to further understand the best approaches to improve care for people with chronic disease.

publication date

  • 2007