Latifolians A and B, Novel JNK3 Kinase Inhibitors from the Papua New Guinean PlantGnetumlatifolium Academic Article uri icon


  • As part of our search for natural products active against the JNK3 kinase, two novel, charged benzylisoquinolines, latifolian A (1) and latifolian B (2), were isolated from the stem bark of the Papua New Guinean vine Gnetum latifolium. The planar structures were determined through detailed 2D NMR analysis. The relative configurations were assigned after examination of the ROESY data and through detailed molecular modeling studies.


  • Rochfort, Simone J
  • Towerzey, Leanne
  • Carroll, Anthony
  • King, Gordon
  • Michael, Adam
  • Pierens, Greg
  • Rali, Topul
  • Redburn, Joanne
  • Whitmore, Jaqueline
  • Quinn, Ronald J

publication date

  • July 2005