Knowledge of smoking as a risk factor for disease among urology clinic patients in Australia Academic Article uri icon


  • INTRODUCTION:Smoking remains a common habit among the general population. Despite the well-established risks of smoking, relatively few studies have been undertaken to assess the understanding of these risks among the general population. We intended to assess the understanding of smoking as a risk factor for various conditions in a urology outpatient cohort to assess the level of knowledge as well as particular strengths and weaknesses they possess. METHODS:A four-page questionnaire was distributed among urology outpatients over a 5┬ámonth period. The questionnaire captured information regarding the knowledge of smoking as a risk factor for various urological and non-urological conditions. Results were collated and stratified according to patient's cancer history as well as smoking status. RESULTS:A total of 112 participants were included in our analytical sample. Our study demonstrated a deficiency in knowledge regarding smoking and urological conditions. When ranked by level of knowledge, four of the bottom five conditions were urological in nature. Furthermore, we found that patients with a personal cancer history demonstrated generally poorer knowledge of smoking as a risk factor compared to patients without a cancer history. Conversely, smokers themselves demonstrated a greater understanding of risks compared to non-smokers. CONCLUSIONS:Our study suggests there is much work to be done in the education of patients on the risks of smoking from a urological point of view. We believe more initiative needs to be taken by the specialists treating such patients to achieve an improved level of knowledge.

publication date

  • 2018