Patterns and correlates of hormone replacement therapy use among middle-aged Australian women. Academic Article uri icon


  • In this study, we examine the patterns of use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) among women age 51 to 60 years and describe the characteristics of women who currently use HRT, previously used HRT, and have never used HRT. A brief postal survey of 800 women in this age range was used to determine HRT status. Telephone interviews were then conducted with 258 women (111 currently using HRT, 47 who previously used HRT, and 100 who had never used HRT) to determine characteristics of women who currently or previously used HRT or never used HRT, type of HRT used, duration of use, and reasons for use and nonuse. Nearly 40% of women were currently using HRT, 14% had previously used HRT, and 47% had never used HRT. Women currently using HRT were more likely than those not using HRT to have had a hysterectomy, attribute a greater number of symptoms to the climacteric, be in paid employment, and report a greater number of visits to the doctor over the past 12 months. HRT use among Australian women in their 50s is high and rising. Hysterectomy status, the attribution of symptoms to menopause, paid employment, and health care use were the most important correlates of HRT use. Few women specified long-term prevention of osteoporosis or heart disease as a reason for taking HRT.

publication date

  • January 1, 1997