Structure of epiglucan, a highly side-chain/branched (1→3;1→6)-β-glucan from the micro fungus Epicoccum nigrum Ehrenb. ex Schlecht Academic Article uri icon


  • The extracellular fungal polysaccharide, epiglucan, synthesised by Epicoccum nigrum is a side-chain/branched (1 --> 3;1 --> 6)-D-beta-glucan. Methylation analysis, 13C DEPT NMR and specific enzymic digestion data show slight variation in branching frequency among the epiglucans from the three strains examined. The (1 --> 3)-beta-linked backbone has (1 --> 6)-beta-linked branches at frequencies greater than the homologous glucans, scleroglucan and schizophyllan, from Sclerotium spp. and Schizophyllum commune, respectively. The structural analyses do not allow a distinction to be made between structures I and II. [structures: see text] Epiglucan displays non-Newtonian shear thinning rheological properties, typical of these glucans.

publication date

  • March 2001