A simple HPLC method for analysing diaminopimelic acid diastereomers in cell walls of Gram-positive bacteria Academic Article uri icon


  • A simple and sensitive method for separating and detecting the LL, DD and meso diastereomers of the dibasic amino acid diaminopimelic acid (DAP) in the peptidoglycan of Gram-positive bacteria is described. This method is based on reverse phase HPLC separation of chiral derivatives of DAP followed by fluorescence detection of the o-phthaldehyde derivatives. Its application to the analyses of cell walls of several Gram-positive bacteria is described, where 10 mg or less of dry cells is required.


  • McKerrow, J
  • Vagg, S
  • McKinney, T
  • Seviour, EM
  • Maszenan, AM
  • Brooks, P
  • Seviour, RJ

publication date

  • March 2000