Diversity of isolates of Acinetobacter from activated sludge systems based on their whole cell protein patterns Academic Article uri icon


  • Whole cell protein extracts from strains of the currently recognized genomic species of Acinetobacter, together with those from a range of isolates of several genomic species identified using the Biolog system and obtained from a biological nutrient-removal activated sludge plant were analysed by SDS-PAGE. The dendrograms obtained after numerical analysis for the known genomic species generally supported the taxonomic relationships suggested from earlier DNA-DNA hybridisation data. In some cases the activated sludge isolates identified to genomic species level clustered closely with the corresponding genomic species reference strains, although isolates 5 and 8/9 were scattered throughout the dendrogram. Considerable variations were seen in the protein patterns of the 27 different environmental isolates of genomic species 7 that were analysed. Three unidentified Acinetobacter isolates examined formed their own subcluster.

publication date

  • April 1, 1997