Purification and characterization of the (1→3)-β-glucanases fromAcremoniumsp. IMI 383068 Academic Article uri icon


  • Three extracellular (1-->3)-beta-glucanases were purified from the fungus Acremonium sp. IMI 383068. Higher activities were unexpectedly obtained with pustulan, a (1-->6)-beta-glucan as carbon source, than when grown with laminarin, a (1-->3)-beta-glucan. Preliminary evidence suggests that these enzymes are not constitutive, but are inducible, and that their synthesis is repressed by glucose. All three had the same molecular masses, similar pH and temperature optima and none were glycosylated. They all appeared to have an exo-hydrolytic mode of substrate attack. N-terminal amino acid sequence data indicate that substantial post-translational modification of these had occurred, and that while two may be encoded by the same gene, the third may be genetically different.

publication date

  • January 2004