FACS enrichment and identification of floc-associated alphaproteobacterial tetrad-forming organisms in an activated sludge community Academic Article uri icon


  • A precise phylogenetic identity of the Defluviicoccus-related glycogen-accumulating organisms (GAO) observed after FISH probing in a novel activated sludge process removing phosphorus was sought with the aim of exploring the phylogenetic diversity of this important group. These organisms, whose sequences were not revealed in previously generated community wide 16S rRNA gene clone libraries, were identified using flow cytometry cell sorting of FISH-positive cells. Sequencing of a 16S rRNA gene clone library created from this sorted population identified the Defluviicoccus-related GAO as being highly related to previous identified GAO from enhanced biological phosphorus removal systems, despite a marked environmental difference between the two systems.


  • McIlroy, Simon
  • Hoefel, Daniel
  • Schroeder, Sarah
  • Ahn, Johwan
  • Tillett, Daniel
  • Saint, Christopher
  • Seviour, Robert J

publication date

  • August 2008