Adolescent smoking and health-related behaviours: interrelations in a Greek school-based sample Academic Article uri icon


  • Although several studies have reported findings concerning the interrelationship between smoking and specific health behaviours, little research has investigated how smoking behaviour may be associated with a cluster of health-related behaviours. The present study was an effort to extend previous research through assessing smoking status, patterns of physical and sedentary activity, as well as eating behaviours and diet quality, in order to gain some insight regarding the relationship between cigarette smoking and a cluster of health behaviours in a Greek sample of adolescents.A sample of 2008 students (1021 male and 987 female, 12-17 years of age, 7th-12th grade) was selected from all schools of a representative Athens suburb in Greece. All children completed a questionnaire that was developed for the purposes of the study which retrieved information about age, sex, school class, individual and family smoking status, dietary habits and physical activity. Various statistical tests were performed.Age, playtime, consumption of soft drinks and foods from school canteens were positively associated with smoking status while the consumption of fruit juice, dairy products for breakfast and the frequency of breakfasts were inversely associated the aforementioned dependent variable.This study supports the interrelationships between multiple lifestyle behaviours and tobacco use in adolescents. Future research is needed in order to elaborate on the nature of these relations, especially for those at higher risk.

publication date

  • March 2009