Cloning sequencing of Lol p I, the major allergenic protein of rye-grass pollen Academic Article uri icon


  • We have isolated a full length cDNA clone encoding the major glycoprotein allergen Lol pI. The clone was selected using a combination of immunological screening of a cDNA expression library and PCR amplification of Lol pI-specific transcripts. Lol pI expressed in bacteria as a fusion protein shows recognition by specific IgE antibodies present in sera of grass pollen-allergic subjects. Northern analysis has shown that the Lol pI transcripts are expressed only in pollen of rye-grass. Molecular cloning of Lol pI provides a molecular genetic approach to study the structure-function relationship of allergens.


  • Griffith, Irwin J.
  • Smith, Penelope
  • Pollock, Joanne
  • Theerakulpisut, Piyada
  • Avjioglu, Asil
  • Davies, Sean
  • Hough, Terryn
  • Singh, Mohan B.
  • Simpson, Richard
  • Ward, Larry D.
  • Knox, R.Bruce

publication date

  • February 25, 1991