The Asia Oceania Human Proteome Organisation Membrane Proteomics Initiative. Preparation and characterisation of the carbonate-washed membrane standard Academic Article uri icon


  • The Asia Oceania Human Proteome Organisation (AOHUPO) has embarked on a Membrane Proteomics Initiative with goals of systematic comparison of strategies for analysis of membrane proteomes and discovery of membrane proteins. This multilaboratory project is based on the analysis of a subcellular fraction from mouse liver that contains endoplasmic reticulum and other organelles. In this study, we present the strategy used for the preparation and initial characterization of the membrane sample, including validation that the carbonate-washing step enriches for integral and lipid-anchored membrane proteins. Analysis of 17 independent data sets from five types of proteomic workflows is in progress.


  • Peng, Lifeng
  • Kapp, Eugene A
  • Fenyö, David
  • Kwon, Min-Seok
  • Jiang, Pu
  • Wu, Songfeng
  • Jiang, Ying
  • Aguilar, Marie-Isabel
  • Ahmed, Nikhat
  • Baker, Mark S
  • Cai, Zongwei
  • Chen, Yu-Ju
  • Van Chi, Phan
  • Chung, Maxey CM
  • He, Fuchu
  • Len, Alice CL
  • Liao, Pao-Chi
  • Nakamura, Kazuyuki
  • Ngai, Sai Ming
  • Paik, Young-Ki
  • Pan, Tai-Long
  • Poon, Terence CW
  • Hosseini Salekdeh, Ghasem
  • Simpson, Richard J
  • Sirdeshmukh, Ravi
  • Srisomsap, Chantragan
  • Svasti, Jisnuson
  • Tyan, Yu-Chang
  • Dreyer, Florian S
  • McLauchlan, Danyl
  • Rawson, Pisana
  • Jordan, T William

publication date

  • November 2010