The Disulfide Bond Arrangement of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor: Homology to Oncostatin M and Structural Implications Academic Article uri icon


  • Murine leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) (the fully active recombinant form produced in E. coli) was digested in the unreduced state with trypsin and Staphylococcal V8 protease in 0.05% sodium dodecyl sulfate. Disulfide-bonded peptides were identified by altered mobility on reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography in the presence or absence of dithiothreitol and subjected to amino acid sequencing. Peptides containing more than one disulfide bond were subjected to further proteolysis and disulfide-bonded subfragments identified and sequenced. The three disulfide bonds are CYS13-CYS135, CYS19-CYS132 and CYS61-164 and the first and third of these are clearly homologous to the two disulfide bonds in oncostatin M. The spatial organization of the cysteine residues in the predicted four alpha-helical bundle structure of LIF (Bazan, Neuron 7,197;1991) is compatible with these disulfide assignments.

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  • January 1993

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