The Association Between Physical Activity and the Development of Acute Coronary Syndromes in Treated and Untreated Hypertensive Subjects Academic Article uri icon


  • The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of physical activity on the risk of coronary events in different groups of hypertensive patients. During 2000-2001, 848 patients hospitalized for a first event of coronary heart disease and 1078 hospitalized controls without any suspicion of coronary heart disease, paired by sex and age, were randomly selected from all Greek regions. A total of 418 (49%) of the patients and 303 (28%) of the controls were classified as hypertensives, while 88 (21%) of the hypertensive patients and 88 (29%) of the hypertensive controls, reported regular leisure-time physical activity. Compared to physical inactivity, the analysis showed that light to moderate physical activity was associated with a reduction by 12% of the coronary risk in controlled hypertensive subjects (p=0.03), by 9% (p=0.04) in hypertensives who were untreated or unaware of their condition, and by 5% (p=0.087) in uncontrolled hypertensives. The practice of regular physical activity seems to be associated with lower coronary risk in various groups of hypertensives. However, these data cannot prove causality, and prospective studies will be necessary to confirm or refute the authors findings.


publication date

  • March 2003