An improved method for quantitative analysis of total fructans in plant tissues Academic Article uri icon


  • Current methods for measuring fructan levels in plant tissues are time-consuming and costly. They often involve multiple or sequential extractions, enzymatic or acid hydrolysis of fructan polymers, and multiple HPLC runs to quantify fructan-derived hexoses. Here we describe a new method that requires a single extraction step, followed by selective precipitation of fructans by acetone, acid hydrolysis of the precipitate, and a short (10 min) HPLC run to complete the procedure. We used perennial ryegrass samples to show that the new method has similar sensitivity, but better reproducibility, than a more complex method that is widely used. We have used the new method to study developmentally related changes in fructan levels in glasshouse-grown perennial ryegrass plants.

publication date

  • November 2011