The Discovery of 2-Hydroxymethyl-3-(3-methylbutyl)-5-methylpyrazine: A Semiochemical in Orchid Pollination Academic Article uri icon


  • Drakaea livida (Orchidaceae) is pollinated by sexual deception of the wasp Zaspilothynnus nigripes (Thynnidae). It is shown that the orchid emits the same compound, 2-hydroxymethyl-3-(3-methylbutyl)-5-methylpyrazine, that females emit when calling for mates. This novel pyrazine was isolated and identified by GC-EAD and GC-MS and confirmed by synthesis. This compound may represent the first known case of pyrazines as sex pheromones in Hymenoptera.


  • Bohman, Björn
  • Jeffares, Lynne
  • Flematti, Gavin
  • Phillips, Ryan D
  • Dixon, Kingsley W
  • Peakall, Rod
  • Barrow, Russell A

publication date

  • 2012