Familiarization to treadmill running in young unimpaired adults Academic Article uri icon


  • This study investigated the time needed for familiarization to treadmill running. Seventeen young healthy adults, who were inexperienced on a treadmill, ran for 11 min on a treadmill at their self-selected speed. Discrete sagittal-plane angular kinematic parameters of the pelvis, hip, knee and ankle, and cadence and stride time data were captured with a three-dimensional motion analysis system at 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 min. Participants were considered familiarized to treadmill running by 6 min, as there were no significant changes in any dependent variables from this time. Furthermore, mean absolute difference scores between consecutive times were minimal (1.3 degrees ) and the average intraclass correlation coefficient [ICC(2,1)=.95] was maximal and highly reliable by this time. Future studies comparing treadmill and overground running need to provide an adequate treadmill familiarization time of at least 6 min prior to data capture of sagittal-plane kinematic events.

publication date

  • August 2005