Gaining Insights to the Clinical Reasoning that Supports an on-Road Driver Assessment Academic Article uri icon


  • Researchers have yet to examine the clinical reasoning of occupational therapists undertaking driver assessments.Conduct pilot research exploring the kinds of clinical reasoning used during an on-road driver assessment and to determine if the quality of the data supports further inquiry into the use of head-mounted video camera footage to prompt recall of clinical reasoning.Using a single-case, qualitative design, head-mounted video camera was used to record the on-road assessment and the therapist subsequently provided her reasoning using video-prompted recall.The video footage from the head-mounted camera provided an excellent prompt, and the therapist was able to give a thorough account of her clinical reasoning during the on-road assessment. Implications. This novel method of capturing on-road driver assessments and prompting recall of reasoning has the potential to aid expert and novice driver assessors understand and advance the clinical reasoning that guides fitness-to-drive recommendations.

publication date

  • April 2011