Australian healthcare: a smart card for a clever country Academic Article uri icon


  • In this paper we give an overview of smart card technology how a smart card could be used as a healthcare card and the benefits that would most likely result from doing so. The smart card memory can be zoned into different security levels. The top security zone may contain an individual's full medical history while the lowest security zone may contain the cardholders name and address. Access to the different zones depends on the level of security of the zone. The higher the security level the more restrictive the access method. Were smart cards adopted for the storage of medical histories it would change the form of medical information recorded, not merely convert paper files to electronic ones. Storage of an individual's medical history on a smart card raises important privacy issues. These privacy issues are discussed particularly as they relate to the Australian community.


  • Morris, S
  • Cooper, J
  • Bomba, D
  • Brankovic, L
  • Miller, M
  • Pacheco, F

publication date

  • October 1995