Vocational engagement among young people entering mental health treatment compared with their general population peers Academic Article uri icon


  • AIM:To compare rates of vocational engagement for youth entering specialist mental health treatment with the general population. METHODS:A file audit retrieved vocational data for 145 youth aged 15 to 25 entering treatment. Clinical and population data were stratified by age and sex and compared between cohorts. RESULTS:Compared to the population, young people entering mental health treatment were less likely to have completed at least Year 11 in school (77% vs 42%, P < 0.001); and demonstrated higher rates of "Not in Education, Employment or Training" (9% vs 33%, P < 0.001). Individuals aged 15 to 18 years entering treatment experienced greater rates of educational disengagement than the population (30% vs 11%, P < 0.001), whereas people aged 19 to 25 years showed higher unemployment rates (52% vs 35%, P = 0.003). CONCLUSIONS:Youth entering specialist mental health treatment have marked levels of vocational disengagement compared to demographically-matched peers. Early vocational intervention for these young people is essential.


  • Caruana, Emma
  • Farhall, John
  • Cotton, Susan M
  • Parrish, Emma
  • van-der-EL, Kristi
  • Davey, Christopher G
  • Chanen, Andrew M
  • Bryce, Shayden D
  • Killackey, Eoin
  • Allott, Kelly

publication date

  • 2019