Biogenesis of mitochondria: Defective yeast H+-ATPase assembled in the absence of mitochondrial protein synthesis is membrane associated Academic Article uri icon


  • We have investigated the extent to which the assembly of the cytoplasmically synthesized subunits of the H+-ATPase can proceed in a mtDNA-less (rho degree) strain of yeast, which is not capable of mitochondrial protein synthesis. Three of the membrane sector proteins of the yeast H+-ATPase are synthesized in the mitochondria, and it is important to determine whether the presence of these subunits is essential for the assembly of the imported subunits to the inner mitochondrial membrane. A monoclonal antibody against the cytoplasmically synthesized beta-subunit of the H+-ATPase was used to immunoprecipitate the assembled subunits of the enzyme complex. Our results indicate that the imported subunits of the H+-ATPase can be assembled in this mutant, into a defective complex which could be shown to be associated with the mitochondrial membrane by the analysis of the Arrhenius kinetics of the mutant mitochondrial ATPase activity.

publication date

  • December 1984