Detection and Isolation of Apoptotic Bodies to High Purity Academic Article uri icon


  • Apoptotic bodies (ApoBDs), microvesicles and exosomes are the key members of the extracellular vesicle family, with ApoBDs being one of the largest type. It has been proposed that ApoBDs can aid cell clearance as well as intercellular communication through trafficking biomolecules. Conventional approaches used for the identification and isolation of ApoBDs are often limited by the lack of accurate quantification and low sample purity. Here, we describe a workflow to confirm the induction of apoptosis, validate ApoBD formation, and isolate ApoBDs to high purity. We will also outline and compare fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) and differential centrifugation based approaches to isolate ApoBDs. Furthermore, the purity of isolated ApoBDs will be confirmed using a previously establish flow cytometry-based staining and analytical method. Taken together, using the described approach, THP-1 monocyte apoptosis and apoptotic cell disassembly was induced and validated, and ApoBD generated from THP-1 monocytes were isolated to a purity of 97-99%.

publication date

  • 2018