Differentially expressed DNA sequences following recovery from unilateral testicular torsion in rat Academic Article uri icon


  • The molecular response during recovery from torsion-induced stress in the testis is diverse with a variety of mechanisms. In this study, using unilateral testicular torsion in rat as a model, we used subtractive hybridisation to identify differentially expressed DNA sequences in the torsioned and control testes. Three genes were identified as being down regulated in the torsioned testis compared with controls: Control Testis genes 1, 2 and 3 (CT1, CT2 and CT3). Two genes were up regulated in the torsioned testes: Torsioned Testes genes 1 and 2 (TT1 and TT2). Differential expression was confirmed by Reverse Northern blot analysis. An homology search revealed that CT1 had 88% homology with rat metallothionein cDNA; CT2 had 81% homology with rat cell surface antigen in MHC class I, but no homology could be found for CT3. TT1 had 92% identity with rat Rieske iron-sulphur protein mRNA whereas TT2 had 73% identity with a human clone of unknown function (RP 11-252D22). These results indicate that changes in gene expression occur following torsion induced stress, and that identification of differentially expressed genes may provide insights into the mechanisms of cellular tissue damage in this model.


publication date

  • February 2001