The isolation and characterisation of a gene encoding superoxide dismutase from Bradyrhizobium sp. (Parasponia) strain ANU289 Academic Article uri icon


  • Bradyrhizobium sp. (Parasponia) strain ANU289 expresses a single Mn-SOD in both the vegetative and symbiotic states. A 500 bp sod-homologous sequence was amplified from genomic DNA of strain ANU289 using PCR. A 1.3 kb SalI fragment was subsequently cloned which contained an ORF, sodA, encoding a 23 Kd protein. This putative SOD shares considerable homology with other Mn-SODs and analysis of the sodA sequence predicts that it is expressed. A lacZ-sodA fusion complemented the SOD-deficiency of E. coli QC779 and resulted in the expression of SOD activity in both mutant and wild type E. coli. We conclude that sodA encodes the Mn-SOD of strain ANU289.

publication date

  • December 1, 1995